“We shouldn’t take sides, but this may be our favorite chocolate sauce.” – The Nibble

“It’s the best caramel sauce ever.” – Dennis Miller, The Dennis Miller Show

“… a White Chocolate with Pear William sauce that is out-of-the-ballpark delicious. The smooth taste of fresh cream dominates the sauce, and the interplay of dairy flavors and eau de vie is complex.” – James Norton, Chow

“Good chocolate isn’t too sweet, isn’t too bitter, and makes you want to pour it all over everything. This is that sauce.” – House Beautiful magazine

“…Keeping a jar or two of a dessert sauce in the pantry or, once opened, in the fridge, makes sense, especially for impromptu entertaining. These sauces, from Somebody’s Mother’s, in Houston, are worth considering as gifts.” – Florence Fabricant, The New York Times

“Somebody’s Mother’s Chocolate Sauce is literally the best chocolate sauce I’ve ever tasted.” – Melody Kramer, Serious Eats

“Somebody’s Mother’s has achieved perfection here. Even if you think your own homemade chocolate sauce or caramel sauce is better, you probably won’t deny that these should be on the awards podium.” – The Nibble

“It tastes homemade. If making your own hot fudge sauce seems a little scary, then fear no more… It’s delicious on everything. Eat it with a spoon, dip a sweet potato chip in it… a strawberry, a banana… anything! Live a little.” – Carolina Santos-Neves, Epicurious

Perfect for topping desserts at the end of the meal, these sauces will have any host helping themselves to seconds (or thirds…).” – The Nest

“Rich, buttery and not too sweet, this caramel sauce is confection perfection in a jar. ” – Glutenfreeda