Somebody’s Mother’s Chocolate Sauce produces six all-natural, gluten-free, gourmet dessert sauces:
Chocolate, Caramel, White Chocolate, Mocha, Praline, and Island.

Somebody's Mother's Chocolate Sauce

Somebody’s Mother’s Chocolate Sauce

An all-natural chocolate sauce based on a 100-year-old recipe.

Somebody's Mother's Caramel Sauce

Somebody’s Mother’s Caramel Sauce

A sweet and creamy caramel sauce.

Somebody's Mother's White Chocolate Sauce

Somebody’s Mother’s White Chocolate Sauce

A delectable white chocolate sauce with a hint of Pear William Brandy.

Somebody's Mother's Mocha Sauce

Somebody’s Mother’s Mocha Sauce – NEW!

Our chocolate sauce infused with coffee and chicory.

Somebody's Mother's Praline Sauce

Somebody’s Mother’s Praline Sauce – NEW!

Our sweet and creamy caramel sauce with roasted walnuts.

Somebody's Mother's Island Sauce

Somebody’s Mother’s Island Sauce – NEW!

Our white chocolate sauce with chopped macadamia nuts, coconut & coconut rum.

Somebody's Mother's Three Jar Gift Box

Somebody’s Mother’s Hexagonal-Shaped Gift Box

Our three classic dessert sauces (Chocolate, Caramel, and White Chocolate) wrapped in a beautiful gift packaging.

Somebody's Mother's Two Jar Gift Tube

Somebody’s Mother’s Two Jar Gift “Tube”

A perfect gift duo that includes a jar of each of our Chocolate and Caramel dessert sauces in a beautiful gift packaging.

Somebody's Mother's Set of Three Gift-Wrapped Mini Jars

Somebody’s Mother’s Set of Three Gift-Wrapped Mini Jars

Three mini jars (3.7 oz each) of our Chocolate, Caramel, and White Chocolate dessert sauces wrapped
in one of our assorted gift packages – perfect for any occasion.